Saturday, July 24

Help & Advice needed PLEASE

Thank you so much my Friends in need.

Cor, Chris, Terry, Sally, Janie, Dawn.

Your help and guidance and support have have been wonderful. My problem has been solved except for the little niggly icon that keep floating around telling me that photobucket has removed this image.

Hugs to you all, if you were close enough I'd crack open a bottle of wine and a box of choccie's .

Thank you girls. Hugs Suzi xx

Hi Friends, I'm in need of some assistance, I've gone into blogger to change my background and it's all gone wrong. If like me you were with The cutest blog, you will know that all our backgrounds disappeared today.

I've done everything they said but still my blog colours are a mess. I just wanted a nice new background design. I've managed to install the header, but that's all.

Can anyone help. !!!!!

Hugs Suzi x

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ladyjanet_56 said...

Hey Suzi I've got that floating Icon on OSCC, where did it come from?, Janet