Friday, February 4

A Very Proud Grandmother !!!

Hi Guys n Gals,  As some of you already know I have twin Grandsons Aaron & Ross,  they take a keen interest in Grans crafting and they have been colouring and creating with me for the last year or so.  Now to cut a long story short, Ross really isn't that interested (I think he does it because he wants to please Gran)  Aaron on the other hand is very serious about his colouring and watches me like a hawk (he wants to be a fashion designer as his real job when he grows up where Ross wants to be a Fireman for 4 days and a cake maker for 2 days) lol.  Kid's!!!!!  Aaron has been asking me that when he gets good enough and stays inside the lines would I show his colouring on my BLOB!!!  

After picking them up from school today they told me they were colouring in and learning how to say Happy New Year in Chinese at school today and could they colour in one of my stamps after dinner.  Well after dinner Ross wasn't interested, he wanted to play on the PS3 with Grandad, so Aaron chose his stamp (I haven't even used this one yet)  and with my whispers pens and the cover of the stamp, a bit of paper to "TEST" his colours he went to work!!!! OMG!! I'm gobsmacked at what he achieved.  I promised him I would BLOB it and show him the post when he comes back down to see me next week.  So Promise kept. 
What do you think!! do I have competition or what.


Veronica said...

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Vanessa (aka V'ness, Nessa, oldschool) said...

I have a 7 year old his name is Zack & he loves to color with me too!!!
I absolutely LOVE your is AWESOME!!!
Way to go guy!!!

Tanya said...

Awww, so sweet! He did a fantastic job, and I so love the testing of the colors, such a little artist. Thanks for sharing, have a wonderful weekend :)

Daisychain said...

Wow Aaron! That is fantastic colouring. I think you should make it into a card now. Yes Suzi, you definately have competition there. Keep up the good work Aaron and hope to see some more, well done! Hugs Christine x

Liz said...

Aaron you and my grandaughter Katy would get on great and your brother can get off do computer games or other boring things with my grandaughter Amy who has no patience with colouring

I think your colouring and choice of colours too is first class certain you take after your gran your colouring is great

I hope to see much more of your brilliant work maybe you would like to be in a childrens DT I cetrtainly think your good enough so I will be keeping my eye out for you
keep up the good work

Liz xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Liz said...

Forgot to say your a very handsome little man too

Liz xx

ladyjanet_56 said...

Well Suzi what can I say just don't teach him to blob! He's cutie for sure & his art work first class I hope his dream comes true how things will have changed by then, our Grace & Ewan love to colour & stamp with me too. Hope your keeping well. Janet

Linby said...

well done Aaron your colouring is fantastic. welcome to blob land!