Saturday, February 2

"Squealing With Delight" - My Fabulous NEWS!!

I have been sitting on some amazing news for the past few weeks but now "I CAN SHOUT IT FROM THE ROOFTOPS"

I (little old me!!) have been invited by Diana Crick - owner of


to be a part of her amazing Design Team.  

What do you think my answer was !!!!!!!!!!! lol

It didn't even take me a nano second to say YES!!!!!

What an honour, I am so excited, don't think I've stopped bouncing around like Tigger since receiving the invite.

I will be sharing my first DT card with you all February 12th.

The full range of adorable Wee Stamps will be available soon in the Store.

Diana has the new Magnolia Easter Stamp collection in the STORE  with a fabulous discount price for you to Pre-Order.

Catch you all on the 12th February !!


  1. And so very well deserved too Suzi. Huge congratulations hunni.
    Dawn xx

  2. Congratulations Suzi!!
    Sure you are a busy girl..Have fun,

    Hugs Blankina

  3. Oh Suzi well done you! Congratulations, it is so well deserved! Enjoy! Judy x

  4. Big congratulations Suzi - well deserved!

    Gina x

  5. Congrats!!!!! This is awesome news! Hugs, Brigitte

  6. Congratulations.....a well-deserved honor! Your cards are all outstanding works of art!

  7. Congratulations Suzi, thats wonderful news, looking forward to seeing your cards
    Hugs Julie P

  8. Great news indeed Suzi! Congratulations and I can hardly wait to see your awesome card. I love your work and have fun with this!
    Hugs Kelly

  9. Suzi well done and congratulations look forward to seeing more of your stunningly beautiful cards. Love Alison xxx


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