Wednesday, April 1

A very Special Day in my Life!!!!

A very good morning everyone,  Well it's April 1st which is a very very special day for me and my sweet Daughter!!! Janie.  No it's not because it's April Fools Day!!!! lol 

40 years ago today I became the proud Mother of a beautiful Baby Girl!!!  Yeah!!!!!!! my Baby Girl is now 40!!!  OMG!!! where have the years gone.

  (Janie - Me - big brother Kevin)  40 years ago

and now

Happy 40th my beautiful Daughter

Love you to the moon and back!!! 

I can't show you the card as she won't receive it till later. That's for another post. xox


  1. Happy Birthday to your daughter Suzi!! Have a fantastic day xx :)

  2. Happy Birthday to your beautiful Daughter!!! What a coincidence...thirty four years ago today I gave birth to my second Son Jordan!! Hope that you have all enjoyed a most wonderful day!!!
    Take care,

  3. Happy birthday to your douther
    and congrats to you too
    happy Easter


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