Saturday, March 12

Really Reasonable Ribbon Organisation Week.

Over at Really Reasonable Ribbon they are having a week of showing us how to get organised with our ribbon storage.  It's been fantastic so far with lots of lovely ideas from the DT and there are prizes to be won if you shame yourself!!! lol and show them how you store your ribbons.  Okay here goes, but please don't laugh.  It kinda works for me cause I'm the one using the system I have (which is none really).

My larger spools are kept in Jelly baskets on a shelf

By the yard ribbons are kept in seperate little boxes within a large box in colours combo's

This is a double sided tool box that I borrowed!!! from my husband and it houses the speciality ribbons and lace.

Why not pop on over to Really Reasonable Ribbon and take a peek at some of the solutions.



Linby said...

wow-what a lot of ribbon but perfectly organised!
Linby x

Liz said...

Omg Susie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I couldn't show mine three drawers (BIG ones) of tangeled mass lol I tidy ha ha only to be looking for colour and its twice asbad as before I knew ud be tidy put me to SHAME LOL

Anonymous said...

wow, what an organisation you have. did you see mine,lol? or maybe you closed your eyes? i now, its not a pretty sight. gotta get me some ribbon organisation solutions.
i will have to go thru my hubbys toolboxes too, and "borrow" some.
have a great saturday. hugs

Bonnie Garby said...

Thanks so much for sharing your ribbon organization idea with your friends at Really Reasonable Ribbon!