Sunday, November 4

Crafter's Companion DT (Purple Pixies) Gemini Mixed Media Decorative Panel Dies!!

Hello my dears,  I'm here to share a few creations I
made recently for the launch of the new Gemini
Mixed Media Decorative Panel Dies.

These can be used to cut out Fabric/leather/cardstock/
felt/ among just a few of the many used.

I'm a paper crafter primarily so was intrigued to try
 these out on paper and heavier card stock. Wow!!
amazing but the only downside is you really
need an extra set of cutting plates for your die
cutting machine as these cut much deeper than
your ordinary dies.

Anyways I think it's worth while investing in another
plate just to keep for your mixed media dies as they
are becoming more and more popular because of the
many uses.  


Products Used:

Gemini Mixed Media Decorative Panel Dies (complete set)
  Decorative Chevron Panel  Used on both cards
Decorative Flower Panel used on gift box and matching card

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